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RunAsRob details

Differences between RunAsRob, RunAsAdmin, RunAsService and RunAsSpc:

the modern tool
a part of RunAsRob
a part of RunasRob
the former tool

Allowed application controlled by an encrypted file.
By this way you can send anyone the encrypted file to use it.
Allowed application controlled by registry settings.
Need no encrypted file.
Several applications can be configure at one go.
Support of wildcard *
Compatible with group policy.
The application is running as service automatic after you turn on the computer and before any user is logged in.
Interaction between user and program isn't possible.
Allowed applications controlled by an encrypted file or with clear text credentials is possible.
Sometemies for scripting you don't want any encryption.
Logon as: . . . .
another user Run application under user account from encrypted file. This can be an administrator or any other user account.
Requires no installation procedure.
Not possible Not possible Possible
system Run application under service account with system rights.
A service can launch the application under highest permissions without the popup of an UAC dialog.
Suitable for installations, updates and patches.
Disadvantage: A service is not a complete account. Its missing a user profile and an own HKU registry path.
Possible The only possible login option.
Not editable
Not possible
administrator Launch application with administrator permissions under the own fully account of the limited user with his own profile and enviroment.
Suitable for running programs who need user properties like office.
Possible Not possible Not possible
netonly Application use logon credentials from encrypted file for remote connections.
Not possible Not possible Possible

Detail guidance 1:
Command line arguments of RunasRob:
  • Installation commands
    >> runasrob.exe /install <<
    >> runasrob.exe /uninstall <<
  • To create a encrypted file. Open the configuration window of runasrob.exe with option /configure
    >> runasrob.exe /configure <<
  • To run a encrypted file over runasrob.exe use the option /cryptfile
    >> runasrob.exe /cryptfile: “c:\path\yourcryptfile.xus”<<
    or drag and drop the encrypted file over runasrob.exe.
  • For a silent call withhout error messages and confirmation dialog use the switch /quiet
    >> runasrob.exe /install /quiet <<
    >> runasrob.exe /cryptfile: “c:\path\yourcryptfile.xus” /quiet <<
  • To set folders its applications can be launch with administrator rights or allow only a specific application
    install runasrob with option /allowedpath. Semicolon separated to allow more than one folder.
    >> runasrob.exe /install /allowedpath:c:\program files\folder1\;\\server\share\folder2\;c:\windows\system32\regedt32.exe <<
    To run applications from this allowed folder 
    drag and drop the application.exe over runasrob.exe or 
    use the following call >> runasrob.exe c:\allowedFolder\applicaton.exe <<
    An advanced optional switch are /asservice (by default) or /asadmin.
    /asservice -> The allowed application is running under service account with elevated admin rights.
    /asadmin ->  After the user enter his credentials he will be member of the local administrator group for this application which is running under his own account.
    >> runasrob.exe /install /allowedpath:"\\server\share1\;\\server\share2\prog.exe;C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Photo Viewer\;" /asadmin <<
  • To configure an application or script to start it permanently as service use the option /servicemode: followed by the application
    >> runasrob.exe /install /servicemode:c:\test\yourScript.cmd <<
  • You can combine the arguments of RunasRob like the following example
    >> runasrob.exe /install /servicemode:c:\system\monitoring.exe  /allowedpath:\\server\share\folder2\;c:\windows\system32\regedt32.exe /asadmin <<
  • Create encrypted files by command line are possible with RunAsSpc.exe. This files are also readable with RunAsRob.exe
    runasspc.exe /cryptfile:"crypt.spc" /program:"C:\WINDOWS\system32\calc.exe" /domain:"localhost" /user:"administrator" /password:"password"

Detail guidance 2:
Edit the Registry Key of RunasRob:

Here you configure the values AllowedPath, ServiceMode, LogonFlag directly or over central group policy in a domain.
Changes will take effect after restart of service RunasRob
Warning, serious problems might occur if you change the registry incorrectly.
Registry RunasRob


  1. The restriction of the free version for private use is the start-up window with license information
    which appears at random intervals even if you set the switch /quiet.
  2. Arguments to the launching program at runtime are not possible.
  3. Wait to the end of the started program is not supported in standard version.
  4. Environment variables can use like >>  %windir%\system32\regedt32.exe\CompMgmtLauncher.exe <<
  5. Wildcards can set as authorized path. Example: >> *\updates\flashplayerversion*.exe <<.
  6. Running on Server 2008, Server 2012, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, 64 and 32 Bit
  7. Authorize only a specific user or group to run a an application.
    This can be achieved over folder permissions to the program file, encrypted file or the folder.
  8. Parameters: Passing arguments to my application are not working because quotation marks as parameter are a problem for RunasRob.
    You can bypass this problem with a one line batch file you write your applicaton include all arguments.
    Run this batch file over RunasRob.
  9. Errors Codes.
    Most errors are system errors which are returned from runasrob to user.
    This system error codes are explained by Microsoft on


For any suggestions, errors, questions, specific requirements or adjustments please contact:


RunasRob is only free for private use.
For companies and other organisations we deliver a licensed version, registered to the organisation name.
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